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Lesson 8: Team Building Activities

The Benefits and Disadvantages

The Benefits: 

  • Teambuilding improves productivity and motivation. 
  • Teams will gain and increase the ability to solve problems. 
  • Teambuilding helps break down personal and political barriers and allows for rapport building. 
  • The process can help level the playing field between outgoing and shy team members. 
  • Participating in team building can help teams overcome performance problems. 

The Disadvantages: 

  • Teambuilding requires expert facilitation in order to be successful. Not every team leader has innate facilitation skills. 
  • Activities can be time-consuming for teams with a short-term charter.  And if team members are part-time, they may have conflicting feelings about the time the team building takes. 
  • If several levels of management are on the team, those members may be reluctant to open up. 
  • Conducting team-building activities electronically or by the conference cannot be as effective as face-to-face sessions. 
  • Some team-building exercises involve touching or physical movement, which can make some people uncomfortable. 
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