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Module Three: Changing the Way You Think

Case Study

Stacy was angry that her manager had decided to give her another long project to complete. 
Didn’t he see how many mistakes I made last time?” She became more frustrated when she felt like she did not have enough time to finish and would have to turn it in late. Stacy was ready to give up on the whole thing. When she spoke to her manager again, he told her that she always did a great job and that he had faith that she could complete this project successfully.  

Stacy immediately began to feel better about it and decided to have a more positive outlook. She remembered the success she had on the last project and kept reminding herself she can do a great job. When she began to feel negative again, she just remembered her manager’s words. When she turned in the final project, on time, she realized her critical thinking almost got the best of her. 

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